Frankie J

Letra de Story of my life

de Frankie J

Lay your head on my shoulder
everything it's gonna be alright
baby don't you cry
don't you worry about a thing
i see the rainbow at the end
it's gonna be alright
so many problems around me
dammit won't they just go away
every night i pray yea
lord don't you come my way
won't you come and rescue me
help me see the light


what do you do when your water runs dry
when your greens and your blues turn to black and white
it's the story of my life
when the firesget out,can you turn em off
can you turn em off

i've tried so hard to make it
tried to do the best i could
try to do some good,yea
like the people that i could
like my family if i would
triying to live a better life
feke friends all around me
triying to be up in my scoop
acting like they cool,yea
they don't know that i aint blind
so stop triying to waste my time
and go on with your bull,yea(chorus 2)

cada vez que siento que el mundo se estra cerrando
sol pienso en escapar del mal
y cada vez que siento que el aire se me esta acabandosolo pienso en volar
asta donde nadie pueda encontrar...

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