Set Up Shop Damian Marley

Letra de Set Up Shop

[Verse 1]

Me hear say A man a look a
Hear say ghetto youth dem a
set up shop
Gong to the zilla and me di yeah on the hill without a question
Love in the street like a pedestrian
If you love yourself then my suggestion
Unno fi setup shop
Notice when you see me and my crew
And we so massive and a full up a ghetto youth
And every man a fi make cash
And hold it stead fast, give it you best shot

[Verse 2]

Junglist set up shop
Back street set up shop
Marl road set up shop
Matches lane set up
Seaview set up shop
Southside set up shop
Mi hear rema man and garden man
Dem deh together and a build
And a set up shop
Towerhill set up shop
Telavil set up shop
Tavern set up
Water House set up shop
Trench town set up shop
Mi hear sey riverton and Stoney a
Get Still

[Verse 3]

No bwoy caan broke shop
No pick pocket up a di tuck shop
No juvinile up a di fahhh fahhhh fahhhhh
Ducktor bwoy caan dis di school yute up a di
Bus stop
Get a couple konk fi di tuff chat
Man a juggle peanut
Man a juggle ganzie
Couple mesh marina, Couple baby wanzie
Man a run a taxi, even if a battery
Even if you haffi live it up like you
Win di lottery.

[Verse 4]

Unno fi set up shop
Jews land set up shop
Painland set up shop
Spain Man set up
Slipe pen set up Shop
Grandspen set up shop
Mi hear sey shower man and power man dem
Deh together and a build and a set up shop
Grange hill set up shop
Orange hill set up shop
Redshill road hill set up
Warwicker hill man set up shop
Stoney Hill Set up shop

Mi hear say Nannyville and Stoney an
Get Still

[Verse 5]

Well mi woulda buil mi own plaza, mi own harberdash
Goods and commadities we have it in stock
Nuff Merchandize pack up inna a truck back
Still a spend money from I man a sell waxxx
Three set a tunes file mi income tax
Big ganzilla fi mi bank book fat
Come a fimi yard it decorate wid plaques,
To di maxx

[Verse 6]

Bull bay set up shop
Buffbay set up shop
Mobay set up shop
St Anns bay set up
Falmouth set up shop
Calrendon set up shop
Mi hear sey Ochio Rios deh together
And a gi tourist shop and a set up shop
Newport set up shop
Bridgeport set up shop
Port Royal set up
Out a Airport set up shop
Rockfort set up shop
And Mandeville a run it like a tridmill

[Verse 7]

Woman a pree a divan
Man a welcome tourist to di island
Man waah buy car and drive van
Man a pree finance
Fire bun di violence
Gun dem haffi silence
Mi gal a pree diamonds
Man a pree income, Man a pree interest
Money haffi pay down, Man a write big checks
Man a pree investments, Man a pree progress
Tired fi gi dem more and haffi a show less

[Verse 8]

West coast set up shop
New York Set up shop
Boston set up shop
Washington set up
London set up shop
Canada set up shop
And rastafari proficey fullfil
When Ethopian set up shop
Somalian set up shop
Kenyan set up shop
Nigerian set up
Eyptian set up shop
Zimbabwe set up shop
What a ting humanity deh together and a build
And a set up shop

Whooo weee seal dat..
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