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Álbum Less Is More de Lost Frequencies
Información del Disco
Álbum: Less Is More
Artista: Lost Frequencies
Año: 2016
Tipo: Disco de estudio
Lanzamiento: 07 de Octubre de 2016
Disquera: Mis

Canciones (Tracklist)
01. All Or Nothing (Feat. Axel Ehnström)
02. What Is Love (2016)
03. Beautiful Life (Feat. Sandro Cavazza)
04. Sky Is The Limit (Feat. Jake Reese)
05. Reality (Feat. Janieck Devy) (Radio Edit)
06. Dance With Me
07. In Too Deep
08. Dying Bird (Feat. Joakim Wilow)
09. Funky'n Brussels
10. Send Her My Love
11. Lift Me Up (Feat. Nick Schilder)
12. Are You With Me (Radio Edit)
13. St. Peter
14. Selfish Love
15. Footsteps In The Night
16. What Goes Around Comes Around (Bonus Track)
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