Ice Cube

Letra de Bop Gun

de Ice Cube

So wide you can't get around it
so low you can't get under it
so high you can't get over it
can't get over it
Ready or not here we come
getting down for the one which we believe in
[ice cube]
nineteen ninety three much more biiieeeiii ounce
ice cube comin with the half ounce
not just knee deep jeep fulla smog
atomic dog
like your behind heard it through the grapevine
how much longer will you be mine?
and i'ma tell ya, i don't like drama
so do i have to put my handcuffs on your mama?
cuz nothin but did her damn boogie with my crew
but i'd rather be with you, boo
and make you say humdrum, tweedledee dum
humdrum don't succumb when i'm done, fuc*** hicks
one nation under a groove gettin down for the funk of it
tear the roof of this mother like we did last night son
and hit you with the bop gun
[george clinton]
here's my chance to dance my way
out of my constriction
gonna be freakin up and down
hang up really late
the groove i only got
wish you all be moved
ready or not, here we come
gettin down for the one which we believe in
one nation under a groove
gettin down just for the funk of it
one nation and we're on the move
nothin can stop us now
[ice cube]
if you hear any noise, it's just me and the boys
playin with our toys
m-1, cuz everybody's gotta have fun
under the sun, under the sun
so rough, so tough when i get down
the disco fiend with the monster sound
i wants to get (whistle) when i'm chillin
the bigger the headache, the bigger the pill-in
you let her funk me cuz my funk is the best
comin from the west
kickin them hits
we occupied, dedicated to the preservation motion of hips
hittin them dips, cd skips but i'm straight
as i bounce, rock, skate
now i'll toast to that
if it's rough, make the girls say "do that stuff! aw do that
but ya got to be, you got to be a freak of the week
for the top gun, hit you with the bop gun
[hook] x 2
[ice cube]
do not attempt to adjust your radio
there ain't nothin wrong, so hit the bong
waitin on the double dutch bus for a ride
as the buffalo girl go round the outside
put a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip
got daytons on the mothership
and you can ring my bell if you need me to pass
the doja on the left hand side for the sale
cuz nobody knows where the nose goes
when the (..?..) dog child got the
lookin for the theme from the black hole
now i'll big bang you with my black pole
a flashlight, red light, we don't like cops on the bike
just made bail tonight
so whatcha gonna do when you get outta jail?
i'm gonna have some fun with the bop gun
[george clinton]
ready or not, here we come
getting down for the one which we believe in
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