Letra de All I Have To Give

de Hanson

Sitting here in a hotel room
Waking up in the afternoon
Its November 22nd so I've heard we just talked 12 hours ago
But now I'm half way to New Mexico
Selling out our story for a dime

These words are all I have to give you
Tell me and I'll be just what you want

This is not a choice taht I'm makingMy life is all I have t give up

I recall our last conversation
Late last night in college Station
Now Texas seems like a promise I can't keep
I told you I'd be home by Thanksgiving
But if I can't tell you what I'm feeling
When I show up it's not really me

These words are all I have to give you
Tell me and I'll be just what you want

My heart once was yours for the taking[My life is all Ihave to give up

I recall like yesterday, the zydeco an the trumpets played
As we danced all night long in New Orleans
As I pulled you close to me, You said don't let go but now I see
That there's nothing left for us to go back to

These lies are all I have to give up
My life is all I have to give up

So as I say my last goodbye in a letter that is hard to write
I think os all the things I never said
Like I'm sorry for all of the lies
And never seeing all that times
You kept me holding on to what we had

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