Ghostface Killah

LETRADouble CrossGhostface Killah

Cleaned up, now I gotta find bamboo
I changed shit on the block and got rid of the fools
Things'll be different, no need to feel pressured
No more drug houses, little kids could be treasured
The streets ain't filled with crackheads and d's
I go walk around my hood, nigga know my steez
Philly, about to rebuild the nation
Through the knowledge of self, through education

Freeze, motherfucker. Hands, hands, let me see your hands
Get out of the car. Get out of the fucking car
Get out, I need some fucking dirt. Get on the fucking ground
I seen the police pull up, and rides hopped out
Put your hand behind your back, you're guilty without a doubt
What you mean, son? We built on this
Illegal chokeholds, slap cuffs on my wrist
I don't know what you talking about, boy, I'm the authority
I'm just here to question up minority
A thug drug pusher, violent man of deception
And you just happen to fit the description

Nigga, you just another pawn in my chess game
I taught you everything you know, I run this motherfucking city
Think you gon' fuck everything up?
You got the right to remain silent
Anything you say will be used against
You in the court of law
(Faggot ass police nigga, man) nigga, you're going away for a long time

Okay, I got it, niggas just set me up
Do their dirty work and thrown behind bars
You want wars? You got it - tony ain't the one
I told you before, I make murdering fun
Gotta swindle the kid, have me masking your enemies
It's all good in my chest, I got ten of these hearts
And I vow for revenge
Tony don't stand for crumbs and fake friends

It's funny, only if niggas really knew
Got the keys to the city, I could kill a whole crew
Put the squeeze on the willy, get silly, go fool
Chop a nigga up, blame his body on his dude
What it do? It's bigger than the boys in blue
Beyond definition what this falls into
M's in my optic, no ends to my profit
Judges, prosecutors, politicians in my pocket
Hostage, high life, living on the edge

Toxic in hindsight, see me when I'm dead
Pledge, sworn in to serve and protect
What a web, catch a neck, then I'm onto to the next
Shit be booing, played out scripts, need a new one
I dare a nigga doubt what I'm doing
Moving, cash rules everything around me
Crown me, I'm trying to squeeze blood out the county
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