DJ Khaled

Letra de 2 Fingers

de DJ Khaled

What happened? Who shot? Who buck and who ran off?
These rappers ain't hot the f*** they got fans for?
I'm back in the spot, with bundles they hand off
Meet me another block askin' what's the expand cost
It's a hard job that fell for raw scarf
Left hand steer, Cartier was all polish
Light knit wear, I don't pitch the hard
Maserati whip, serve bricks to the carwash
Who's on the menu? Hunned deep at the venue
Hunned keys who I sent to, turn the weed up the mental
Was in a rental, I done turned down in Pennsylvania
Pistol mania, streets official

2 fingers in the air for the ones before
Middle finger in the air for the ones that hate
Ain't no more love
Sorry but it's gotta be this way
Stackin' all day, trappin' all day
Back with more yay, we clappin' your way
I'm a survivor, I'm a rider
Bet you don't move
When it's on this side, no
It's been so long but we finally arrived
We stackin' all day, trappin' all day
Back with more yay, we clappin' your way

You're looking at a new school legend
Gift out of Heaven
Preachin' that real, yeah I'm something like a Reverend
Livin' by the code, bend nor fold
Black man wearin' 100 G's worth of gold
Iced out watches, shirt from Versace
King of the south I am, wuddup Gotti?
Been speak bout it, money no karate
Profit go to flippin' now they think I'm Illuminati
What you came here for? I'm in the Django clothes
Niggas want my life, they wanna take my soul
See I done switched my flow just like I do with my hoes
Now they know I'm the truth but why it took so long?
Know the Maybach comfy and the kush so strong
No my thoughts ain't right, I can't do nothing wrong
I'm so gifted, hear my voice and get lifted
Came from the trenches, gun shots to ditches,listen

I'm quick to grab 9's when a man hate
Been getting bad vibes from they handshakes
I'mma act fly 'til my land day
No need to ask why my nigga man straight
Long line for the dope that's a fan base
Hog tie with the ropes, what yo fan face?
Mob ties with the coke, make the plan great
4-5 to his throat, where's the damn safe?
Khaled you know it's time
When they see me they'll see Po in his prime
Rich when he was rich, the industry von zip
Gazelles like Dred Scott, Ciele's my bread copped
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