Damian Marley

Letra de Move!

de Damian Marley

Verse 1:
Hey! Babylon in position di Queen and set di pawn
And start transform and set di pawn
Anytime delegates have a diss response
Wid a bare tension wid some long weapons
Night vision upon mi attack mi shark
Coalition now follow vision get switched off
If yuh look in di face have di newly pound
Di newly pound a face man neutrition
Just vision to what is dem ambition
Court and destruction start di ignition
And di world still a fight ova religion
Everyone has a right to a decision
Superstition di people reflect upon
Som'n nah right, I mon suspect a con
Cau dem lost inna di darkness beyond
And none shall escape except da one
Who, exodus wid nuh question
Betta put on yuh Khaki uniform
Yuh a drive, even nuh engine on
If yuh a ride, jump on a unicorn
Lace yuh shoes if yuh a pedestrian
Run fah di borda like a Mexican
Unda arms smell green like a Lepricaun
Survival of Jah people

Chorus (Chorus is a sample from Bob Marley's Exodus):
Exodus, alright alright, movement of Jah people

Verse 2:
Boom! Chicken Mary yuh is here
Tell dem beware but dem still bout here
Life is a road yuh drive wid care
Fire, caan buss cau yuh got nuh spare
Whole heap a lust in yuh atmosphere
Step on di gas and yuh start draw gear
Diss rastafari yuh do not dare
Sun don't share and then dat's not fair
Mek a move before they make a move
And yuh, make a move and still move and go through
Movin tings weh yuh not suppose to move
Watch yuh move and where yuh movin to
Who yuh move wid yuh move wid yuh crew
Move some fool from up off di avenue
Move a pound and boost yuh revenue
Move uptown and overlook a few
Move around and get from one to two
Mek a wrong move in dem gate and lose
I stand up and I refuse to move
Substance so yuh know mi nah go use
Metric measurement mi nah go chose
Movin on and still yuh need a boost
Car keys a di only keys yuh move
Movin on and, lord

Chorus (Chorus is a sample from Bob Marley's Exodus):
Exodus, alright alright, movement of Jah people

Verse 3:
Boom! Music business as usual
Mi spliff and Guiness as usual
Royal and my face as usual
Hygarde mi puffin as usual
Fight down di system as usual
Di system brought yuh down as usual
Di girls dem a watch we as usual
And a we watch di cops as usual
No a (?) unusual
Rollin it inna we lap as usual
Always a deh fi clap as usual
Rastaman a pon top as usual
Stand and neva drop as usual
Man a cream a di crop as usual
From right round di clock as usual
Movements non stop as usual
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