Daddy Yankee

Letra de Jefe En Ingles

de Daddy Yankee

Tu kwow That I Make Lack
They felt an Emptiness Without My Ah
It only has…

(Puerto Rico) boss (4) (New York City)
(Californian) boss (4) (Chile Eats On)
(Texas) The King Is Back! (Chicago)
(Atlanta) boss (3) bossMiami)
(Boston) boss (3) boss Head (Tc)
The King Is Back…

Again the Jacks Bursts
start Envies It Of the Wancktas
I am In Mecca and you very continue… Respect By the Gansters
Until My Enemies… They know That It takes I Here to It
You are not Crazy Until Stevi Wonder Ve That It has the Control

It is Easy (It is Easy)
I have the World-wide Power
Man I can Put In Stop
It sounds the Poster In The Store
The King Is Back
I had silence a Anho and Pico
There is no New Na' In Puerto Rico
Nothing Step!

The King Is Back
Who Stops Me
go! … It shoots
That wars Is Expensive
put me the Face
Thus It is Since One becomes
Pa To be Leader Is born
One Single one Becomes
I Am the Boss and Tu a Clownnnnn

These Clowns
That They are Duenhos Of the Circus

(Dominican Republic) boss (4) (Costa Rica)
(Colombia) boss (3) (Venesuela)
(Blivia) The King Is Back! (Panama)
(Mexico) boss (3) (eGuatemala)
(Nicaragua, Salvador) (boss) (Argentina Cuba)
The King Is Back…

As if nothing
They do not have to Me I throw nothing
Nor They already try But nothing
Your You do not understand That It does not go to Me To do nothing

I continue Thinking About the Things That Me Faltarian To do
If I It Eh Echo Everything Have Of All Now She sounds the Poster

Continue Gaining But Enemys
Continue Throwing Pa Where My
Nor That Small Ami Plizzz
Supposedly They are Streets
They suck It To a Bichote and They are Street
Who Says That You Are Street?
The Street Yours Is The one De Sesame Street

I Always Eh Be a Fajon
And De Corazon
I am a Champion
And He is not Nothing Rare
I have the Put Eyes Of the World In My
Because I am Above I stop to Me
I am the Pattern To Segir

I am the Maximum Exponent
But the Best Esque I am…

(I If As To look for the Weight to me) Head Head Head Head (Total I Always It Eh Echo)
Head Head Head
(Ecuador) The King Is Back! (Peru)
(Paraguay) boss (4) (Uruguay)
(Honduras) boss (3) (the Entire world You Know Whos This)
The King Is Back…

I am the True Street Suenho
The Soul Of the District the Light Of the Sicario the Mirror Of a Gerrero
Chamako Who You are Your, Tu Pa' You do not make Me Laugh
Who Goes To do Something to me Ami!
As It wants I put _____En to You Your Legs
If I do not throw You the Champion nonSubE To Ring With a Boat Is not By Esque Fear Is not Business
A Convicto a Cart and a Cake and Are Ganster Fantastic Ooww
Your Crees Because the Dogs Estan De Bara the Cars Are Mechanics

The Lunatic Chamakon Va
One goes Pissing the Frequent Bed
And I Was stuck In the Street
Now I am the Living Legend
Each Step That I give Cinvierte In Acontesimiento
Daddy Yankee system Is not a Singer Pa' Daddy Yankee system Is a Movement

go up! To bring it Like e'
You Single Sigen My Steps

(Daddy Yankee system Yow) boss (4) (I am boss Come On Man)
(Conquering the Entire world) Head Head Head (Papi I born For This)
The King Is Back!

That But I must Say to them
I can Ensenhar As To look for the Weight to him In This
Much Intelligence…
It has start Like a Head
Like Me (Like Me)
The King Is Back….!
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