Just Kiss Me - Dylan Holland

Letra de Just Kiss Me

I Wanna Jump on a plane
Catch a flight to Spain
Sail the ocean blue while loyind next to you Miami
Some where far way
Where the Sun shines
Bright even on a rainy day
If it ' s the middle of may, or a cold
December day your dark brown

Eyes are just a call away
Yeah just a calll away
I fly you up to the Moon
Gaze at stars in June
I make you fell the

Rhythm of love with my catchy little time
Keep your heart in a locket
Put the Key in my pocket
When I'm with you there is
Nothing we won't do

Lets catch some lightning
Bugs, run through the rain
Be my neighbors think were insane
It doesnt matter I 'm with you
We could run away together
Chase storms in rainy

Because I'm brave when I'm
With you
We could lay up on my roof
At night
And when you ery I hold you tight
Because I Know you
Want me too

And I'm not asking for much
But just one little touch, I'm
Baby please
Just kiss me

We'll lay on grains of sand
On the banks of dry land
While were swimming in the
Ocean and your holding in the hand
There aint no place
I'd rather be, the under a big palm tree
With your head aganist my
Chist while your

Singing my songs to me
I'll thake you up threw the
Clouds, We'll take a stop at the Moon
It doesn't matter if its month of June
Keep your heart close to mine, We'll
Take one step at a time
Cause when I'm with you we
Run out of things to do

I'd buy the world for you, if I
Had the money baby and yu'd ask me
Ain't a doubt about it baby

Sipping coke out on the bay
California Mia
We dont need these francy
Cars just to
Have a good day

Just kiss me