Silhouettes Warbringer

Letra de Silhouettes

The vault closes
Last rays of light are gone
We spend our lives in darkness
Hiding away from the sun
After the bomb
We had nothing left
No one walks the earth
But the shadows of the dead
They're ghosts
I see them staring back
Where once there stood a man
Now only a silhouette
Their spirits torn from this world they called home
Their shadows
Burnt into the stone
The light is fading
All hope is gone
Can anyone remember
What it's like to see the sun?
A white flash of light
And then there were none
The dead accuse the living
What have you done?
They're ghosts
They can't forgive our sins
We pray for deliverance
But the gods are silent
Our spirits trapped here
Lost and alone
With these shadows
Watching from the stone
Blast wave expanding
Consumes all in its path
Trapped at ground zero
Against the searing wrath
Stone turns to rubble
Bodies reduced to ash
All that remains of them
Just their silhouette
Just a silhouette
Now the clock is ticking
The bombs not fallen yet
Our world is still living
We still have a chance
But the leaders want more power
The weapons are still intact
We know what awaits us
But no one will act
We're ghosts

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