Come Over Estelle, Sean Paul

Letra de Come Over

If I was to tell you
Just how much I need you
Would you come tonight
Or would you not believe me
Cuz a love that easy
Never turns out right

I'm trying
To change the rules
You deserve something good
In your life
We've waited
For far too long
So come get
Your blessing tonight

Won't you come over love
Sure I can show you love
Promise I got enough
To give you
All that you need baby
So many search to find
A love that is good as mine
I will not waste your time
So bring it all to me baby

Baby let me teach you
Give you love instruction
Show you what I know
Need to take it easy
No need rush it
Baby go nice and slow
All this love
I can go to you
I expect
Just a bit in return

You don't have
To be perfect
As long
As you're willing
To learn baby


Turn out the lights
Give you
All my love tonight
Let's do what lover do
I'm ready, i'm ready
I don't want
To waste your time
So don't make me
Beg tonight
Don't keep me
Waiting for love
Won't you come
Over tonight

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