Like A Punk Adam Tensta

Letra de Like A Punk

Ever since i was a kid
I'd been a little bit (oh)
I wasn't like that
wasn't like him
and I wasn't like you

I would just me in the mirror
not like you and the t and the arrow
not like you 'cause you be in the brother
they did you do what you lick in the weaver

I could feel that was a cliff
to make other momies oh you all the stuff
You'll never be like the (...)
But you can always be like this
This if you pick your own way
and you refill your own gain
and you use your own brain

I say

Always been like this
Always gonna live like a punk
I'm a punk, I'm a punk
So if you feel like this
Don't fall all the risk
I'm a punk, I'm a punk

Monkey see, monkey do
something i'd never be
Understand it's up to you
what they do it's well of it

I was always

They can tell me shit
and i can laugh as if
i even care what tryna hold me
and it just doesn't instead
Wait, what are you saying
Did i just hear complaining
Cause in my ear what i do of
it's a pity aim

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