It´s A Tensta Thing Adam Tensta

Letra de It´s A Tensta Thing

This is a Tensta thing, there's nothing more personal
How I got it, how I lived, and now I write it down for ya
Show you what my life is like, show you how we move it like
Hopefully, ya gon' relate to what I'm speakin 'bout
Cause what I heard when I was listening close
What the people sayin on the corner where they shoppin everyday
Right next to hoe, is we not working hard enough
We not face to what we say
Discrimination, racism, none of it's alive today
My niggah, are you jokin with me, you behind that wall too
You try to say that you ain't notice how they look at you
You try to say that I ain't competent for this job
Since to pay him over me, swedish name, blue eyes
You probably right my niggah, they leavin' us plenty jobs
Flippin' burgers, plus man you niggahs supersize
This what they leavin us, we building it from there
We got immigrants, single parents, drug dealers here, yeah

Here's a Tensta thing, yo hold ya head upon my niggah
Black, white, yellow, red, call it color blind my niggah
We all up in the same bump gotta get to the stump
So we can land on that beach everybody dreamin of
For me this money pilin', nothing where my soul at
I got it right here, you know I'd give it all back
It's on my word, it's on my balls, it's on my life my niggah
I keep it close to home so you know what it's like my niggah
Invested in the kids, niggah got some nieces growing
Plus I got my dudes, they all keep that reefer smoking
I pull the curtains back, a everyday type of thing
So light your blunts or whatever cause that's all right with me
This is who we are, not how we're supposed to be
Hey nothing changin' that ever, it's a Tensta thing
This is who we are, not how we're supposed to be
Hey nothing changin' that, you fuckers, it's a Tensta thing

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