Letra de My Name I Know

de D'Element

It's the calm before the storm, the earth is trembling, but fears do not
It's the day it all begins, don't close my eyes, the darkness is here
But I stand up right (get ready to fight, no mercy this time).

My fist to rise
It's the night before the battle,
My blood runs fast
My wounds are ancient
And wide

I don't pray to gods
My muscles are tight, I sharpen my sight
Come what may, here I stand, the storm I face
The first rain drop falls down my face (flesh)
Come what may, here I stand, the storm I face

Black clouds gather all around me,
The noise of thunder's symphony
The first raindrop falls down my face (down my face),
The cold encounter of fate and flesh
The wind has grown, clearing me
Of all that I've owned (I´ve owned)
I'm a storm, and here I go

It's the calm after the storm, I lost my strength, loosen my voice
The wreckage of the warrior I once was,

(A battle won, a battle lost
Harder body with a stronger soul)

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