Blake Shelton

Letra de Country On The Radio

de Blake Shelton

You ever wondered why country songs say the same old thing
Like a broken record skipping down on main
Pretty girls, pickups and cut-off jeans?
You know what I mean

Dirt roads, corn rows and homemade wine
Juke joints, jumping on the county line
Heard them sing about it a million times
But I don't mind

As long as there's a small town and a Saturday night
Blue jean babies in the full moonlight
Tip back your Dixie, howl at the stars
Every time you hear that slide guitar
And your baby's on the tailgate
And you're stealing those kisses to a little George Strait
That's how we rock, and that's how we roll
As long as there's country on the radio

There's always going to be a party out in the pines
Always going to be a shot up highway sign
Paper sack full of beer and a jar of shine
From time to time

There's always going to be people trying to run us down
Saying we aren't got nothing on a big town
I bet they'd come around
If they came on down

There's always going to be a part of me
Kicking back in BFE
Yeah, that's how it's always going to be

Some country on the radio
As long as there's a small town
Saturday nights
Blue jean babies
Yeah, tip back your Dixie
Stealing those kisses
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